The Pell Grant is a proven program that has been the foundation of federal student aid for decades, opening the doors of college and opportunity to low- and moderate-income students.

Doubling the maximum annual Pell Grant award to $13,000 will help more students earn a degree, get a good-paying job, and ensure them greater economic mobility and a brighter future.

#DoublePell is a national campaign led by the Double Pell Alliance, a coalition of higher education associations, organizations, and advocacy groups committed to doubling the maximum Pell Grant by the 50th anniversary of the creation of the program in June 2022.

The Double Pell Alliance is creating and sharing tools and resources for students and families to communicate to Congress the urgency of doubling Pell and tell their stories about how the Pell Grant has helped them.

Why Double Pell?

The urgency of increasing the Pell Grant is clear as the program has proven effective in providing education funding to those who need it most.

Doubling the Pell Grant will:

  • Increase access to higher education for more low- and moderate-income students and families
  • Help make higher education more affordable
  • Reduce student debt
  • Help meet students’ basic needs — like food, housing, health care and child care — because it covers cost of attendance, not just tuition
  • Increase completion
  • Spur post-COVID economic recovery

Our Partners

These organizations are part of the Double Pell Alliance and the effort to #DoublePell

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